Q&A: What should we do about Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan?


Langer: I haven’t got the foggiest and it would be irresponsible to suggest – even ever slightly – that I do. All three countries are leaving us in untenable positions which tells me something but still without an answer to the question. Winston Churchill wrote his first book about an uprising on the Northwest Frontier over 100 years ago. You would be hard pressed to note any difference in the mountains or the people. Stay? Get out? My only suggestion would be to bring back George W. and Dick (Richard the Terrible) Cheney who got us into this mess in the first place. Send them out there with a megaphone to talk to all the combatants and convince them of the error of their ways. 

You bet. 




George W. without megaphone





What should we do about Anthony (The Body) Weiner? Say “good night” Anthony. 




"Say good night"


Langer: What should we do about the Republican candidates for the presidency? Pray that one of them is nominated. Any one. 

Please let it be her


Langer: What should we do about the national debt? Send bills for 62.7% to George W, Bush, 28% to the Republican Party past, present and future, 6.8% to Barack Obama and the remainder to major banks and Wall Street plus a few hedge funds. Hey that wasn’t so hard. 

Langer: What should we do about Florida Governor Rick Scott? Have a good stiff drink. He only hears the sound of his own left hand clapping. 




$1.7 billion fine for fraud.


Langer: What should we do about the racists in our society? Paint them – indelibly – another color. 

Langer: Who will win the 2011 NBA Playoffs? The 1956-1959 Boston Celtics with Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Bill Sharman and Tommy Heinsohn

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Still Liberal at 84 

Still recovering from Open Heart Surgery 

Long ago Radio-Gunner, TBF Avenger 


Drug testing for Governor Scott?


Man of the people of Florida


The good of our state is foremost in the mind of our elected chief executive, Florida Governor Rick Scott

He worries about us 24 hours a day. 

Several days ago he signed into law a bill calling for Florida residents receiving benefits from the state to be tested for drugs. 

That’s the kind of four-square guy Rick Scott is. He is not going to let those kinds of people squander money on drugs, food or that kind of irrelevant and foolish stuff. 

Test positive and your check is gone. Kaput. 

On the other hand if you’re drug free you won’t have to pay for the tests. It will be FREE. 

That’s the kind of guy our governor is. 


His hospital company, Columbia HCA, was barely fined $1.7 billion for Medicare and Medicaid fraud so, quite naturally, he signed a bill calling for drug tests for Florida residents receiving state benefits

Of course others were to blame for the fines. 

Of course. 

Still, as a ringing declaration of faith that he really is a man of the people it would be wonderful to see him participate in the drug-testing process. 

He could even use the Governor’s mansion to provide his little cup – although others would check on the validity of his gift. 

State citizens would knock on the door every thirty seconds to simply speed up the process. 

As with those who receive state benefits Governor Scott, simply by proving he is drug-free, would continue to receive his salary, expense account and state trooper protection. 

As somebody once said, “Let’s get to work.” 

Still Liberal even at 84



Still Liberal at 83 

Still recovering from Open Heart surgery 

Long ago radio-gunner TBF Avenger

Weiner must go


Say goodbye


Anthony Weiner is a funny and effective member of the House of Representatives.   

He is a liberal Democrat. I am a liberal Democrat with a blog titled Still Liberal at 83. (I’m 84 but who’s counting?)   

He did not lie us into a war or pretend that corporations are good down-to-earth people or say the president was born in Kenya or that torture isn’t torture.   

He simply lied to us, cheated us of the truth and pretended it was perfectly excusable.   

It isn’t.   

The people on the Republican side are all too willing to pretend that George W. Bush, Karl Rove, Dick Cheney and friends are above the law. They’re not. They should also be at the Hague telling their stories to the World Court.   

Too often history is written by the victors.   

I like to think Liberal Democrats are better than that.   

He lied and cheated and he should go. Otherise – well you know what otherwise means.   

He’ll be missed but so was the truth.   

We’re better than that. And we should prove it.   

Anthony Weiner should resign; Go and live a good life.   

Just not as a Liberal Democrat.   


Still Liberal at 83   

Still recovering from Open Heart Surgery   

Long ago radio-gunner on TBF Avenger   

Still Liberal at 83

The 2012 GOP candidates: Snow Black and the Seven Dwarfs


Mitt Romney: A fairly sure thing in a rational world which we don’t seem to be occupying. He introduced the first version of Obamacare to Massachusetts and worse yet – it was successful. They’ll never forgive him in Iowa and South Carolina. He’s the ever ebullient Doc doomed to face an electorate in Iowa and South Carolina apparently believing

Galileo and Darwin were terribly misinformed.

Tim Pawlenty: He might scrape and bow low enough to get somewhere but there’s a neighbor named Michelle who will bow even lower. He’ll certainly beat Harold Stassen. Poor Minnesota; adrift in a sea of loons.    Sleepy Pawlenty.

Rudy 9-11. In a recent poll of 10 Florida relatives he received an astonishing 16% of the vote and has decided, once again, to save us from Tom Dewey, the previous non-presidential District Attorney. Clarence Darrow he isn’t and several of his best men are now playing hard to get at Camp Feds.

Rick Perry, the Texas Tornado. He’s got hair and if we don’t make him president he’ll secede. Please. Texas is the state that tells the rest of us what and how to read. It has prisons, oil and Tabasco which, God Help Us (he lives just down the road) might be enough. Dopey.

Michelle Bachmann the other Minnesotan is newly arrived from the fifteenth century.  The Tea Party loves her even though she has Lutheran roots. Her federal government would be fifteen people, none of whom carry any hint of the East Coast or California. Did I mention that she is beloved by many, many of our citizens who are not fond of Mr. Obama. Happy.

Newt. He speaketh and then he speaketh more on any subject known to man and several still unknown. He is for and against; against and for. He’s now on his third wife, Miss Tiffany of 1988, and possibly scouting around for a fourth. Who is the brightest candidate? “I am,” he says cheerfully. “I am. I really am and I will be anything you want me to be. Anything.” Bashful Newt.

Allan West, is a sleeper candidate who is my Congressman and will say anything to prove he is a real American as opposed to anybody who might disagree with him. He retired from the army (ours) as a Light Colonel for reasons not made particularly clear. He likes guns and will remind you he’s a patriot and you’re not. He stands ramrod straight while telling the world you’re a treasonous scumbag as opposed to the patriot he is. The people around him are willing to trade ballots for bullets if need be. Sneezy?

Sarah Palin. And then we come to Snow Black the non-candidate candidate who may or may not run and was last seen having a pizza with Donald Trump, another real American. It is entirely possible that she will be satisfied with simply naming the candidate and directing him or her in a Post Apocalypse America. One plus for her: she can accurately (100%; 32.8% of the time) determine if you’re a real American.

There are others of course all bound by the promise of an Obama-free America. I refer you to Ron Paul, Rick Santorum, Herman Cain, John Bolton, John Thune, Mike Pence, Jim DeMint, and possibly Chris Christie, George Pataki, Jon Huntsman, the Koch Brothers, South Carolina and Wyoming where The Cheney once roamed. Wendell Wilkie is reflecting on a run and there’s always The Donald.


Still Liberal at 83

Still Liberal at 84

Still recovering from Open Heart Surgery

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Rick Scott, Karl Rove, the Koch brothers, Dick Armey and others like them are Cowards. Here’s why.

They bundle money in large packages and because the Supreme Court was having a bad hair day it’s almost legal. (The IRS may decide otherwise) Their three million lawyers and accountants say what they are doing is legal but so is “stick ‘em up.” if you get away with it. 

They run television commercials blasting Obama and fail to tell us who they are. 

This is the Coward’s way to pomp and prosperity in today’s America

I have never written anything that doesn’t have my name on it. I have never given money that doesn’t come from me directly. 

Rick Scott, our little Emperor


Rick Scott, my governor since I live in his state, spent well over $50 million fighting Health Care reform. Not one television commercial mentioned that the ads were purchased by Rick Scott. 

Not one. 

Yesterday Rick Scott delivered his signed Florida budget to The Villages, a town I did not previously know existed. He told us about all the good decisions he had rendered in his Line Item veto determinations. 

As a result 1400 Broward teachers are bye-bye and many good programs are kaput but Scott is still with us. 

I am baffled that we still – if ever so slightly – believe in these people. 

A worse crew of Pseudo-Americans would be hard to find. 


My Congressman is Allen West, a very light colonel who believes he is Stonewall Jackson or Pickett charging up the hill at Gettysburg. 

The army let him go because he was improperly questioning prisoners. He disagrees with their decision and casts his principles with Joyce Kauffman, a local nuisance who offers to trade ballots for bullets if she doesn’t get what she wants. 

I do wonder what they would offer against Mr. Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president. 

I do wonder. 

The author - recovering



Still Liberal at 83

The reasons why the Republicans do what they do and Catches 23 through 38

Langer: What are Standard Accounting Practices

Mr. Data: A simple 100-year old method of placing earnings in one box and expenditures in another. At the end you know whether you personally or a company you work for made or lost money. 

Langer: When President Clinton left office there was a substantial surplus. The new president, George W. Bush quickly translated this to a deficit. Did he use Standard Accounting Practices

Mr. Data: He simply forgot to pay for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan. It was an honest mistake. He put all the costs in a large box and threw the box into the Potomac River. 

Forgot to pay for his wars


Langer: Is this possible? 

Mr. Data: Now it is. You simply compile all the costs in an envelope – a large one – and say emphatically all the figures tabulated are either imaginary or let’s discuss this again – never. This is one of the newer of the Standard Accounting Practices

Langer:  President Bush cut taxes for the rich. Why did he do this? 

Mr. Data:  It’s better politically to cut taxes than to raise them. He cut taxes. 

Langer:  But isn’t this one of the reasons for the deficit? 

Mr. Data: SO? 

Langer:  Does he go on to explain this? 

Mr. Data:  Si. He blames it on the Democrats

Langer:  Could he do this? 

Mr. Data:  Using the new Standard Accounting Practices it is perfectly legal to blame the Democrats for anything that happened, could happen or anything anyone thought about for more than ten seconds. 

Langer:  Do the Republicans blame our lack of steady jobs, the deficit, Social Security, Medicare, Obamacare, bank bailouts, problems in Greece, Italy and Spain on the Democrats? 

Mr. Data: Of course. 

Langer: Can they do this? 

Mr. Data: Do birds fly? 

Langer: I know about the Bill of Rights but what are the Catch 23-through 29 Exceptions. 

Mr. Data: They are the Heart and Soul of the current Republican Party

Langer: Catch 23

Mr. Data: Republicans can say anything and their statements are True. Democrat statements are False. 

Langer: Give me an example? 

Mr. Data: The Deficit is the fault of the Democrats. It is, in actuality, the ability of the Republicans to count 4 + 4 and reach 9. 

Langer: That is Catch 23? Can they rewrite basic math? 

Mr. Data: Of course – because of Catch 24 which clearly states anybody yelling louder than the other guy is telling the Truth. 

Langer: Catch 25

Mr. Data: Republicans can buy all the television time they want to because the Supreme Court has ruled that Corporations are people and do not have to say who has given them money or why. 

Langer: But that’s unfair. 

Mr. Data: What planet are you from? 

Langer: Catch 26? 

Mr. Data: Republican corruption doesn’t count. Democrat corruption not only counts but has morally bankrupted the country. 

Langer: Catch 27

Mr. Data: Republicans can say they are against torture while torturing people. For example former Vice President Cheney can shoot a friend at close range but this doesn’t count. He can say he was personally responsible for finding and killing Osama bin Laden

Langer: But in ten years the Republicans never found Osama bin Laden. 

Mr. Data: That doesn’t matter. 

Langer: (A little groggily) Catch 28

Mr. Data: All Republican candidates can say Anything and Everything is the fault of the Democrats. 




Candidate Pawlenty


Langer: Pawlenty, Romney, Newt and all the others can say anything they want to without contradiction? 

Mr. Data: Democrats cannot answer back but can say quietly President Obama was born in Hawaii and is an American citizen. 

Langer: Democrats seem to be saying that Republican voters can be racist in attitude because the president is black. 

Mr. Data: According to Catch 29 Republicans are declared color blind while Democrats are considered fascist, socialist and communist. 

Langer: Catch 30

Mr. Data: Republican corporations are often considered Too Big to Fail and bailed out with government funds. This is to be considered the fault of the Democrats even though started by the Republicans. 

Langer: Catch 31

Mr. Data: Rating Agencies such as Standard & Poor’s or Moody’s can look at bundles that contain people who can afford their mortgages and people who cannot afford their mortgages and provide the combination with High Financial Ratings. Thus the Real Estate melt-down. 

Langer: Are Republicans ever responsible for corporate failures? 

Mr. Data: Rarely. Catch 32 clearly states that Higher-Ups are not responsible for their actions but Democrats are. 

Langer: Catch 33 through Catch 38? 

Mr. Data: Just in case Catches. The Republicans are prepared for any eventuality. 

PS: Recovering from Open Heart surgery gives you distinct insights into the role of government today. I believe Thoreau went through the same process for other reasons. 

Just like Thoreau



Still Liberal at 83 

End of Times is May 21. Should I get a haircut?

Having recently spent quality time at a local hospital inserting flotsam and jetsam into an ailing heart, my current “look” is Eau de Paris Sewer 1791.     

I need a haircut.    

And yet there are people who have scheduled May 21 for other activities.    

Harold Camping of Oakland, CA, for example, has End of Times on his Blackberry for May 21.    

Harold has certainly done his homework; he multiplied This by That, subtracted Shakespeare’s Birthday, added 482,300, multiplied the result by the square root of a rutabaga, added St. Crispin’s Day and doubled down for three consecutive weekends at The Bellagio. He then added my birthday plus 281, 412, divided by three, skipped Boxing Day twice and there it is.   

May 21, 2011.    

Harold Camping is a preacher so he knows his stuff.    

To make sure we’re aware of what’s on the horizon he’s placed billboards in strategic locations around the world just in case any one of us feels the need to Repent and be Saved for another day or Pass GO and collect $200.00.    

It just so happens I have plenty to repent about and would like to present “the new tonsorial me” during my interview session.    

I certainly don’t want to be judged as a denizen of what Dante viewed as several levels beneath Death Valley.    

Regretfully The Fates suddenly intervened; rains and winds came and I am suddenly seated in what appears to be a cardboard chair answering questions posed by someone called De Judge.    

De Judge:  “Name?”      

Me:  I answer promptly. “Warren Langer.”    

De Judge:  “Social Security Number?”    

Me:  I hesitate. “I have to give you my Social Security Number?”    

Donald Trump:  Greatly irritated. “Listen I’m a busy man. He’s a bum. He’ll lower real estate values. Throw the bum out.””    

Me:  “Hey I’m a graduate of PS 80.”    

De Judge:  “Did he say PS 80 or PS 81?”    

Me:  Proudly. “PS 80, your honor.”    

De Judge:  “Well that’s too bad but you are what you are. Do you wish to say anything in your behalf?”    

Me:  “I’m a very nice guy.”    

Chorus of Sarah Palin, George W. Bush, Dick Cheney, Rick Scott and Don Rumsfeld:  “He’s a Democrat. He’s a Liberal. He’s a bum.”    

Me:  “I used to chop wood.”    

De Judge:  “I’ll keep that in mind.”    

Me:  “I like dogs.”    

De Judge:  “Last chance. Tell me something I don’t know?”    

Me:  “I’m for the Common Man.” (Theme from The Sound of Music is heard.) “I like Guys and Dolls, West Side Story, jazz, vanilla ice cream and Freedom Fries.”    

De Judge:  “That’s it?”    

Me: “I like the Florida Marlins, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Illinois. Also Michael Jordan. I really can’t stand Charles Barkley.”    

De Judge:  “How are you on the great political questions of our time?”    

Me: “I can’t stand The Trump, Ahhhhhnold, Newt, Tim Not Too Plenty, Sarah Palin, Michelle Bachman, Chris Christie, Rudy, Rick Scott, George W. Bush, George W. Bush, George W. Bush and George W. Bush. I’m for sending Texas back to Mexico.”    

De Judge:  “Where do you stand on Iraq, Afghanistan and those places?”    

Me:  “I’m for waterboarding Dick Cheney and I really do hope YOU can do something about Khadafy, the oil and drug cartels, understanding cell phones, tablets and all that tech stuff. ”   

De Judge:  “Peace?”    

Me:  “You betcha.”    

De Judge: “Case dismissed for lack of a haircut.    

Chorus:  “BOOOOOOOOOOO.”    

Me:  “But what about May 21?”    

De Judge:  “Just another day. We have plenty of them.”    

Pre-surgery beard



Still Liberal at 82    

Still Liberal at 83    

Still Liberal at 84

Heartless vs. hearted; a new life

To my wife Ann 

Without whom little would be possible. 


I’ve had heart surgery

Mystical metallurgy. 

What worked not before, 

Checks in now, as by law. 

Though explained 

By those trained 

It has remained   

Deep within the core 

A magical mystery tour. 


Humpty Dumpty had a heart 

That often fell apart. 

All the king’s horses 

Sated by eleven courses 

Failed again and again 

To tick and tock as would Big Ben 

Or the digitals at Broward Gen. 


At some point during my hospital stay 

bin Laden went away. 

Sent to the deep 

By Seals Six without weep. 

Away to the deep. 

Away to the deep. 


My surgery, to my perplex 

Was somewhat complex 

Along came pain 

 As ceaseless chain. 


Hospital rooms are bare, 

Here and there a chair. 

A visitor to see 

And bring memory. 


Some nurses are fair 

Others minus care. 

Some few without clueth 

Terrible, terrible truth. 


I am a prisoner to my condition 

Blood taken, pressure in state of rendition. 

Breakfast, lunch and dinner 

I peer under plate; declaim loser, winner. 

There is always the pain, 

As mocks the rain in Spain


I recall Stevenson, his wondrous Pirate’s curses 

Within “A Child’s Garden of Verses.” 

Ill was I as lad seeing castle moats 

Carts to the manor born; trains, planes and boats. 

But that was Yesterday. 

Now is The World of May. 


I have been to Broward General 

My body drenched in lance ephemeral 

It is done. It is done. 

It is done. It is done. 


Home are we from a personal war. 

Not Iraq, not Libya, nor “charge” to the fore. 

Together with Ann, tests to bear 

A heart, almost new, to show and wear. 

God be with you and thanks many. 

God be with you and thanks many. 

The visitor to Broward General



Still Liberal at 82 

Still Liberal at 83 


PS: Needless do I say; poet not I.

Mr. Washington, Mr. Trump and Newt talk it over at Valley Forge

Washington: Thanks for coming along. We need every man we can get. 

The Donald: Before we settle down is there a Trump Hotel or Trump Development nearby? 

Newt: I need a place for my third wife. Besides I can only stay a few days; I’ve got speeches to deliver, miles to go before I sleep. 

Washington: You’re not here to fight King George? 

The Donald: I’m here to scout the land, see if we can get some zoning changes for a few casinos. 

Newt: Did I just see an Indian? 

Washington: Gentlemen we need fighters. We don’t need whiners or sunshine patriots. 

The Donald: How about if I host a Celebrity Apprentice Patriot Night? 

Newt: You need a PAC, maybe Karl Rose or the Koch Brothers can set something up. Money talks. 

Washington: We’re cold, we’re wearing rags and the British are better armed. What can you bring to us now? 

The Donald: I’ve got my birth certificate. 

Newt: I can help lower expenses; get the government out of our lives. 

Washington: Damn it we don’t have a government. We’re basically surrounded and getting ready to fight our way out. We need help. (Pointing to Trump.) And if I were you I’d get a haircut. The British have Indians too and they’d love you. 

The Donald: I’m the greatest negotiator who ever lived. Who can I talk to? Maybe I can get them to lower their interest rates? 

Washington: His name is King George III and he doesn’t want to deal with us. He only deals with God. 

Newt: I’m his man. We’ll talk theology until he gives in. I know these people. 

Washington: (To aide) Bring me von Steuben. 

von Steuben: Yes General? 

Washington:  I’ve got two new men for you. Gentlemen, let me introduce you to General von Steuben. 

von Steuben: ATTENTION! 

The Donald: Hi. 

Newt: Hi. 


The Donald: Can he talk to us like that? 

Washington: He’s in charge of training. 

von Steuben: Do not talk until I tell you to talk. ATTENTION! 

The Donald: I went to Fordham University. There was a Steuben Avenue nearby…. 

von Steuben: QUIET. And get your hair cut. NOW. 

Washington: Gentlemen do as General Steuben requests. We will be crossing over to Trenton in a few weeks and we’ll need you then. 

And remember always to beware of foreign entanglements. 

The Donald: I want my mother. 

Steuben: SILENCIO. 

Newt: I want my first wife. 

Steuben: ATTENTION! 


December 25,1776. General Washington leads his army in a daring attack against Hessian forces in Trenton. He is at the head of a rowboat as it crosses the Delaware. 


If you were to look carefully you could see two figures silently attempting to flee the boat as it heads toward the battle. There are those who say confidently these men were The Donald and Newt

We will never know for certainty. 

Warren Langer




Still Liberal at 83 

PS: I am still recovering from Quadruple Bypass Open Heart Surgery. It takes patience, exercise and determination. Hopefully I have all three.

Open heart bypass surgery, killing of bin Laden, next

By an act of luck I had gone to a Cardiologist, taken a Stress Test and learned there could be, probably was – an arteriolar blockage problem. 

Broward General. New problem. 

Tear in urethra. Urologist. Pain. Surgery hurdle to be cleared by clotting impacted groin area. 

Week passes. Difficulty with catheter. Immense pain. 

Successful Quadruple Bypass Open Heart Surgery. Dr. Kenneth Herskowitz, highly regarded surgeon; man of fewer than few words. 

Intensive care. 

Private room. TV remote also calls to nurse. Sometimes answered, sometimes not answered. 

Good nurses, not so good nurses. 

Too many sick people in hospitals. As they used to say in advertising – a wonderful business except for the clients. 

Catheter remains. 

Immensely painful at times; hard to describe. 


Wife of 52 years by my side. When she is near she is impossibly helpful. She reaches nurses and aides I never reach. When she leaves the loneliness returns. I am only there by myself. 

She is still teaching at 76 – Advanced Placement Art History – many calls to be made, judgments to be offered. She is missed at school. I miss her when she is not here. 

Daughter arrives from Seattle. She too is incredibly helpful. She had arrived from business trip to Washington; her last meeting had been at location where Obama appeared at Correspondent’s Dinner. 

She is Research Professor at University of Washington; also involved in cancer research at Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center. She has written extensively on the subject of care giving. 

When she is near with her mother all is well. It is when they are gone that I am alone. 

I need help going to bathroom, back to bed, moving comfortably, talking to nurse. 

Most often the answer to my call for help is “will tell your nurse.” 

I ring for nurse again and again. 

So many of the nurses are astonishingly capable and kind. Ditto for helpers. 

Others are brusque. 

They work in 12 hour shifts. 



In Florida there are massive layoffs of public personnel. Hospital workers, teachers, bus drivers. 

Major problems; limited useful answers. Our governor, Rick Scott, is not what I would hope for in an activist governor. 


There is an outside world. 

I watch the news from Libya, Syria, Egypt. 

Weather eruptions in our Middle West. 

In the beginning, middle and end I am alone in a room in a hospital in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. When loved ones are near I am fine but there are times when they are in their own worlds and I am alone. 



e e cummings wrote The Enormous Room, on ambulance drivers placed in isolation during World War I. I try to remember substance and fail. 



The president is on TV. 

We have killed bin Laden. 

SEAL Team Six swoops down on private home near West Point of Pakistan. 

He has been living there, hiding in plain sight, for past six years. 

A Sherlockian tale. 

Problems are solved, bin Laden’s body taken to aircraft carrier and laid to rest at sea. 

There is a haunting Navy Hymn of burial at sea but I cannot recall the words or theme. 

Bin Laden has killed too many. A true villain. 

It is hard not to exult – if only quietly. 

Good quiet people of our armed forces have done what nobody has accomplished in the previous administration. 

I too am quietly proud of them. 




I am home, 

Exercises to conquer. 

Difficulties. Responsibilities. 

There is a line from Scott Fitzgerald’s Tender is the Night

Nicole learned that Dick Diver was practicing in Geneva in the heart of the Finger Lakes region and considered a pleasant place. 

Perhaps, she thought, he was biding his time like Grant in Galena. 

As a graduate of the University of Illinois I am familiar with Grant and like to believe there is another chapter for me. 

Hopefully I too am biding my time. 

Good to be home. Daughter has returned to Seattle and husband. 

We, my wife and I, are back together. 

The patient


Warren Langer